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Pera Perou

Pera Perou Villas Kefalonia

To those stepping foot on Kefalonia for the first time the island can appear to be a mirage; wild, rugged mountains and a coastline laced with sandy coves floating upon deep emerald waters.

“A saying native to the Ionian islands”
True to the nature of the island and inspired by its essence, pera perou’s stone villas are rich in offerings while retaining their simplicity and wilderness, a recipe for an authentic experience of unspoiled luxury. Created by an interior designer who’s been in love with Kefalonia since childhood, pera perou’s minimalist design aesthetic and open spaces soothe the senses and offer the perfect setting to take in the stunning natural beauty of the area and the panorama of the Ionian sea.
“from here to there - and everything in between.”
To do such a view justice, all three pera perou villas have been built in a way that ensures there is always a view of the magnificent seascape; a gentle reminder to pause, breathe, and soak up all the beauty that stretches out before you. A harmony of the senses enriched further by pera perou’s unique and elevated version of modern hospitality. Guided by the warmth and wisdom of local tradition, meticulous care, and a deep love for the land, pera perou offers an exclusive haven of privacy and peace designed to meet your every need. Even the ones you couldn’t have known to expect. That’s what pera perou is about. Whatever you need, “from here to there - and everything in between.”
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